Crises in our midst

I thought you would be all interested in learning that Andrew and I have created a new website that is the home of all our creations, and we would love you to visit this soon:

Recently, we updated the converation between our alter ego’s William and Michael, and to our dismay our website has now been blocked in China. A friend of ours that lives there informed us of this yesterday. There is not one mention of China, but what William and Michael are the fundamental freedoms that all humanity are entitled to – obviously, and we all know it, these universal freedoms are not so universal, and we need to look past the news reports and the lies of government’s around the world that state we are living in fair and equal societies, because we are not.
It has been known for years that censorship in China is probably the worst in the
world, the people have little if any outlet to share their beliefs and thoughts, especially if they happen to disagree with those in power.

I have nothing more to say and I am feeling ill, from thinking too much and the fact that I have a migraine coming on.

Peace, remember the freedoms you have are not universally shared!

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