Phantasmagoria Media Release

Devised and performed by Tristan Watson and Andrew Sidwell
Friday and Saturday 8pm – 26/27 September, 3/4 and 10/11 October
The Ashtanga Yoga Centre: Level 1, 110 Argyle St, Fitzroy

I have no hands, just black claws and knotted feet. My body is a chimera; music my animal.

Without death there is no life. We destroy to create. Without darkness we cannot appreciate light. These polarities are fundamental to the development of Phantasmagoria: a narrative told through movement (Tristan Watson) and music (Andrew Sidwell).

Seething, perched, scratching at the surface – it will bide its time no more.

Tristan Watson and Andrew Sidwell create a landscape that is unfamiliar but recognisable deep within the body and mind. By pulling back the flesh, creating a space in which the senses are aroused, a connection can be made that enables us to embrace our phantoms rather than fight them.

Drawing on Butoh, contemporary and tribal dance, Tristan is exploring the nether regions of the body and mind to Andrew’s symphonic score that draws on metal and classical influences using guitar and E bow.

Tristan graduated from the National Theatre Drama School in 2003, where he discovered his passion for movement and dance. Since, he has performed with various companies as an actor. This year he has returned home, involving himself in workshops with Zen Zen Zo and Anne O’Keefe.
Andrew has been playing and making music on guitar for the past 7 years. For the last 4 years he has played bass guitar in the subversive rock/metal outfit Subnormal whilst writing and creating his own blend of folk influenced ballads. Phantasmagoria is a part of a continual collaboration between them.

Nothing is as it seems, nor will be ever again. It is time to encounter the phantasmagoria within.

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