I need.....

a decent tripod, a shutter release cable, a stronger back, bug spray… oh and some instruction on night photography lol.
Just glad I didn’t go any further than the front veranda for this lesson.
It’s a full moon tonight.. perfect for getting a few practice shots before the harvest moon that apparently is going to happen next month.
I set up the tripod on the front veranda while the moon is still low and the sky is still quite blue. First problem.. my tripod is not as stable as it could be, there is a lot of shake and it won’t hold the position that I set it in. Second problem, even at it’s highest (and shakiest) point I still had to be bent over to look through the viewfinder.. not good when your back is screaming at you to stand up straight PLEASE.
So then hubby comes to the rescue with a card table to put the tripod on to raise it.. that would be perfect if it had a hard top, but because it doesn’t, every time I touch the camera in the slightest, it moves violently.
By this time I’ve run off a few dozon shots on various settings and while some actually have good looking moons, the sky keeps coming out black.
Been out there, I don’t know how long, no usable shots (unless I can do something in PhotoShop) and 10 more mozzies and there will be enough of them to carry me away plus the sky really is black now and the moon is way above any trees that might have framed the shot!
Time to hit a photography tutorial or two I think. Maybe tomorrow night, I’ll be better prepared lol

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