I want to thank all those who are praying for the speedy recovery of my husband
who has Pancreatic Cancer…just an update…he is in the hospital … doctors trying
to build him up and bring his sugar levels down so he can have surgery…

Although there is nothing really good about the situation…I believe all your prayers
have helped him and he has gained 8 lbs and the tumor was found to be isolated…
so I can only say THANK YOU SO MUCH.

There are two special people who I must thank who are in constant touch with me
and are praying and helping me through this very difficult time…Marie Sharp who
has been a guiding light for me and Christopher Birtwistle-Smith who has put
me on a path of looking at the positive and not the negative…I can never possibly
thank the two of you enough.

Please keep Moe in your prayers.

With Love & Angels’ Sweet Hugs,

Sally xxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooo

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