I want to thank the Hosts of Living Christianity for featuring NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN…with the 7th Anniversary of 9/11 fast approaching upon us
this means very much to me..not only as an American but as a New Yorker…
our hearts are still broken…we will never get over that day and to have my
poem about the bravery exhibited by New York City Police & Firemen featured
means so much to me!!!!!

I would like to thank Amber and the co-hosts of Masterpiece Literary for
featuring Aspire and Inspire…and I want to thank Vulcan for his awesome
artwork … he is a young artist with so much talent that his artwork speaks
to me..

And thank you all for the 51,889 views of my writings…this touches my heart…
when I joined RB in January 2008…I never expected this…my love and
gratitude to everyone including the powers that be at RB who have allowed
us the opportunity to become a community of artists with hope and dreams
and artwork to post and words to write!!!!

With Love Hugs & Kisses,

Sally xxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooo

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