Hey I have to confess, I’m a generalist. Don’t hold it against me I tend to be better at bringing many disciplines together as sometimes I get lost (or bored) in the detail with time. I’m also a dreamer and a visionary (works well with my profession of Architecture) – many nights I have not slept till the early hours as my active minds conjures up all manner of possibilities to all manner of things – only thing is I absolutely love sleep too and have managed to strike a balance there. But I also love the interplay of many disciples whether it be design, climate (dont get me started here there will be lots of posts on that), politics, organics/permaculture etc. I do enjoy bringing many things together to make a complete whole. Lets see how it works here!

So this is my voice echoing where it will around this site (hello anyone there?), or even broader over the net. My motivation for being here? I’m a doer not a spectator. Rather than getting angry or frustrated about something I’ll do something about it, have a go – even if it is as simple as writing, posting my view, discussing or learning from others. As they say you are exactly in life where you want to be and I want to make sure that place I’m in is a most rewarding one – not just for me but others as well. Life can be a wonderful journey!

What am I passionate about? Empowerment to begin with. Thats what I love about the net, it gives us scope to empower eachother through being true to ourselves. We can learn from our differences, our different perspectives and our different motivations. And we can connect on the levels that make as smile, motivated and fulfilled. On a more specific level I think governments should be there to empower the people – and for the most part currently they do not (more on this in my blogs). I believe most illness is due to bad diet, no exercise and bad attitude and the current trend for popping pills is not sustainable and regularly leads to unnecessary deaths. I believe survival is about adaption and evolution – we live in a changing world that we have to change with. One of the biggest changes we currently face is that of the sun – most people are not aware that there are huge impacts from its newly slumbering state and our governments are ignoring it.

So lots of good things to throw around. I’m here to share what I know and also to learn from others. We may not always see eye to eye but thats a good thing – more than happy to respect our differences. This really is the world as we know it! www.twawki.com

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