A poem to go along with....

my teddy bear picture. My 10 y.o. wrote a poem this morning (he’s homeschooled) for my teddy bear picture. I thought it was pretty good for a 10 y.o. ( I helped with the last line because he couldn’t figure out how to end it , nor a good word to rhyme with go, but the rest was all him).

My Teddy Bear

My Teddy is my best friend
he goes with me everywhere,
He’s torn and dirty and missing an eye,
but I don’t really care
He’s there for me when I’m happy
and even when I’m sad,
I know he will always love me,
even when I’m bad
We’re friends till the end
I will never let him go,
Even when I’m old and gray,
I’ll have my bear to show.

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