My SideStix Quest Continues

Since I first tried walking with SideStix this past March, I’ve learned some things about myself. I’ve also learned that I have much to be thankful for. The crutches are tools that allow those who might not otherwise be able, to explore places and see things that would not be possible with the use of conventional medical equipment.…

I instantly became excited about SideStix even before I attempted to use them. Just learning of their existence was enough of a spark to start the fires of inspiration in my mind. During my initial test run, I realized I had to obtain a set of these for myself.

In the early stages of my journey, I started out contacting my insurance provider and my primary care physician to come up with a strategy. I also called the folks at SideStix in B.C., to get as much inf

Human Monster Truck

St. Patrick’s Day of this year will be one day that I’ll remember for a very long time. I have picked up a new, healthy pastime and I was able to road test the most incredible crutches I’ve come in contact with in my thirty nine years on this planet. Thanks to Marcy Marchello and Heidi Marie Peterson of the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. They have opened up new paths for me.…

Because of my meeting with them, I’ve learned that things that seem impossible are in fact more possible than I would have ever imagined. With the use of an adaptive sled, I now have a way to join my daughter on the ice when she skates. She’s still much faster than I. Rest assured, however, I’m working on perfecting my spin move. I may not be able to win the race, but I’ll run it in style.


The Eggs Were No Flashback

July 28, 2010…

My youngest daughter skated in her second event of the ISI World Team Competition. I really intended to focus on her. On the way to the rink, some numskull bounced his landscape trailer off of the front quarter panel of my car. He just kept right on going. As a result, my focus was a bit off center. I made it to the event with my pride bruised and my ride dented. I guess it all could have been worse.

Our little girl skated to a fourth place finish. We’re quite happy with this. Even though the standings did not reflect the performance. She was smooth, fluid and seemingly unfazed by the spectators. After the performance, we learned that she was given deductions because the judges felt she should have been in a higher skill division. That’s a screw job and a complement all roll

I was just going to grab some popcorn

I just had a moment where I figured “I’d better jot this down.”…

I just escaped from work for a moment. A co-worker asked me to go pick up some popcorn for a snack. So, I left my workstation and drove to the local gas station convenience store to grab the requested items during my lunchbreak.

It felt great to be out in the sun. If only for a few moments, I was free from the stress. Big changes lie ahead. My department is being disolved and it will morph into three seperate departments. My fate is being decided without my input. I’ve been preoccupied by this notion for months. I can’t do much but catch whatever rumors float by and attempt to squeeze some truth out of them.

As I was leaving the store, I ambled by a gas pump and a black man in a suit whistled, “Que serra serra (Whatever Will

Living a Dream on a Tightrope

I just saw am amazing documentary about Philippe Petit. I first heard his story when my daughter borrowed a book from the children’s room of our local library. I’d forgotten about the story until my wife found a documentary film about the story behind Petit’s August 1974 tightrope walk between the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York.
I kept saying aloud during the film, “This guy is a nut…absolutely out of his head!”
Reflecting upon his deeds, it forced me to realize, that this man accomplished the impossible. He realized a dream. Petit “danced on top of the world.”
He planned and practiced an act of rebellion. Defying gravity and authority, he lived each day as a “work of art.” Man on Wire is the title of the film that outlines the plot that unfolds much like a bank heist. In…

10,000 + views

I’m excited to find that I’ve reached the 10,000 + view mark. My ideas have become written works that others actually want to read and comment on. Writing no longer feels like a solitary activity.

There is almost an immediate sense of gratification. A work can be released to the world and then. The ripple effects can be felt.
That is an amazing feeling. Thanks to all who’ve stopped by to read.

Alexander Supertramp

He escaped into nature to explore the self. Some see him as a hero. Others feel he was mentally ill. I view him as someone who wanted to find truth and beauty in raw form. He did not wish to have life’s experiences described for him. He wished to learn from real experiences and feel the wind on his face without hiding behind a mask.

For those unaware of the person I’m writing about, His name Chris McCandless. He is the subject of Jon Krakauer’s book, Into The Wild.Chris was a dreamer. He had the courage to try. On August 18, 1992 he lost his life in Alaska. He was in search of his truth. McCandless was a seeker. People like Chris are rare. Many of us dream. McCandless made it his life’s
mission to live it.

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