The Ghost of Jim

It’s funny how little happenings trigger memories. My co-worker came in to work today with a copy of Oliver Stone’s, The Doors movie on DVD. Upon seeing the cover photo of Val Kilmer striking his best Morrison pose, I was transported back to a night in the summer of 1991 when I saw the movie in the theatre. I went with my friend Andy to a late screening of the flick. We enjoyed ourselves, as I remember. However, sitting through this movie was only part of what I recall from this night.…

The cinema emptied after midnight. I drove Andy home. We said out good-byes and I left his driveway with no desire to drive straight home. It was humid. Not good weather for sleeping. The next thing I knew, my Chrysler Laser was on the highway, headed south. I drove for about 15 minutes and found myself in

Sage is 10

Today, at 8:51 a.m. my daughter, Sage turned 10 years old. It’s mindblowing to think about. My wife and I have pulled together to raise two wonderful children. Somehow, someway, we are not just surviving. Our kids are thriving. Before long, they will be moving on. The time has moved so damn fast. I’m thankful for what my girls have taught me. All three: my wife and daughters have enriched my life in amazing ways.
My love to all three of you on this incredible anniversary.

Out Of The Mouth Of A Babe

I’m sitting at work dealing with my daily obligations. In the middle of doing four things, my personal line rings. It’s my wife on the line, she wants to tell me something with me, so I offhandedly, say: “You want my body?” In an attempt to throw her a curveball. She countered with, “Well, it’s along those lines…”…

Okay…she had my interest. I stopped what I was doing and listened. For starters, she told me she had just procured a bottle of Bacardi and she was sipping a coctail. I’m glad one of us cold relax. While I’m here watching data flow and keeping network users error free, she’s drinking rum. This outta be good.

My wife began to tell me that from our deck she heard sounds like that of a crying child. We have plenty of small children living on our street. So, this is not an uncommon n

Thinking Around Corners

I notice a pattern developing within my written works. Fustration is becomming a theme. Frustration crushshes dreams. Only if, one is inclined to give it the power to do so. I need to learn that I am the one that possesses the power to rise above or slip beneath the roadblocks that stand in my way.

Somtimes, however, there are other’s thoughts I have to consider. I can’t be too selfish. Nor, can I waste time being bitter. Life is not easy. I must think aroud corners.

Sugar Highs & Sugar Lows

I don’t know what to write about this afternoon. I’m a bit late taking my break at work. Nonetheless, I feel compelled to sit and get my mind away from the daily grind.
I’ve had Coca Cola today. I’ve also eaten a fair share of gum droppy “fruit slice” candies. My sugar level should propel me into the creative stratosphere.…

I’m vibrating at the speed of life. That being said, I’ve no idea what to write about….
I saw Dave Matthews Band on Wednesday last. I had a great dinner and a couple of beers and few distractions. I met Michael Franti of the band, Spearhead

It was nothing major. we greeted one another, and shook hands. He appears to be a energetic and friendly guy! Those who are unfamilliar with his music, I suggest you take the time to explore it. It’s political, hip-hopical, topical, fu

It's Not Too Loud, But I Feel Like I'm Gettin' Too Old

Anyone who knows me, is aware what an important force music is in my life. I do’t remember much that I’ve read out of history texts, but I can tell most anyone who’ll listen about obscure rock ‘n roll factoids. In the summer of 1997, while following Phish on tour, we made a side trip the Rock ’n Roll Hall of Fame anf Museum. It was the I saw the lyrics to The Grateful Dead’s “Truckin’’” scrawled on a napkin.…

I constantly fell like I was born a bit too late. I’ve never seen Led Zeppelin live. However, I’ve invisioned it. I’ve seen and been a part of some incredible musical moments in time.

I was in the Worcester Centrum to see Jmmy Page play an instrumental vesion of “Stairway To Heaven” in 1988. To introduce it, he simply said, “Robert doesn’t want to sing this one anymore…” The whole cr

Hangin' On The Edge

My brain is stil steaming after writing my latest short story called, Something To Cut A Cake With.
It’s based on a episode that happened in work, today, that was not as dramatic as my tale. My co-worker overreacted to a large knife she found on the door of a refigerator. My little mind twisted things all up. As a result, those of you that have read it are calling for a sequel, a next chapter, some sort of “what next.”
I’d like to come up with someting for you. I’ll try my best. I’m so happy that people are reading and responding. Thanks for all of you comments and input. I’ll put on my writing cap and get to typing…

Day of Grey

It’s a grey, gloomy day, and I need sleep. Yet again, it’s Sunday and I’m at work. It’s Fathers’ Day and I have yet to see my kids. Two hours and thirty minutes to go before I’m out of here. I don’t feel upset. I just fee this way because I’m at the mercy of the weather.

When it’s grey, I
get this way.
I can’t wait to see the sun.
All my emotions
blend into one.

Uncertain it seems; I can’t remember
my dreams when I sleep.

Do I live them
in the hours
I am alert
and alive?

When I’m awake, when I thrive…

My First Featured Work

A very special THANK YOU to deliriousgirl and Little Helen for getting me noticed!
My poem Frustration & Anticipation just got featured in the Blue Room Group. I’ve never attempted writing erotica before. This shows me that I must test my bounds every now and again. I appreciate all who’ve taken the time to read and comment on my work.

Each Holds A Lesson

I need to mark today as a good one. I had a day in which I proved to myself that I was good at my job. In the working world, very few pass out compliments, Today, I didn’t need that. My co-worker called out sick. Therefore, I was responsible for monitoring the entire network alone for four hours. The second shift did not show until noon. Nonetheless, I handled all normal, daily processing and support calls single handedly,…

Typically, we are not supposed to work alone. If a problem arises, it throws off the balance of the entire day. Time sensitive functions don’t get the attention they are supposed to. Then, the dominoes begin to fall. In the world of technology chain reactions are usually a perscription for disaster.

The forces of the universe smiled upon me today. I need to recognize th

Dance In the Dark and Light

Yesterday was amazing! I took the train into Boston to see Robert Plant with Alison Krauss & T- Bone Burnett. I met my friend Paul at South Station. After a longer than expected trudge through the twists and turns of re-routed pedestrian paths and bridges we were rescued by a kind soul named Brian Walsh.
He happened to be driving by the venue to see if he could score tickets to see Donna Summer.
Believe it or not, he actually asked us not to beat him up after we learned about his box office mission. Even though I wore a hole through the sole of my sneaker (Due to my crutchwalking, I drag my left foot pretty badly). Brian saved Paul and I lot more hoofing. He also showed us where to catch the Silver Line of the MBTA so we would not end up walking in circles looking for the way back to Sou…

Lunchbreak Mindquake

I just looked back over my shoulder at the third floor, glass, window pane that allows a view of the parking lot and subsequently the highway. I have wanderlust. Yet, here I am, on my lunchbreak, typing in my virtual journal. The sun is blasing outside. It’s a bright, beautiful, afternoon.…

My workdays are spent in a Network Operations Center. Behind two, heavy, locked doors, with no windows to the outside. While breathing recycled air, I keep my little domain as trouble free as I am physically able.

It’s a great job for someone who is incapable of back-breaking, physically demanding work. I answer phones…collect data…and troubleshoot many and varried technical problems. I diffuse situations centered around anger and confusion. It’s customer service cloaked by the illusion of hardcore Corp

Not Simple

Why do I punish myself? I seem to worry about a lot of things, needlessly. I must sound like a broken record. Here I am again typing out my thoughts about fear and worry.…

Change is not simple. Failure is a possibility. On the other hand, so is victory. I envision a future in which I am in control of my own destiny. A place and tme that appears to be in the future. When in reality, the time is not in the future. The time is now; in this very moment.

The outside forces and voices that echo criticisms that I’ve heard in the past are still there. I am mindfull of them. Fear grows in my stomach. Voices swirl in my brain from time to time. If I’m to reach my goal, I need to stay true to the plan we have set into motion.

The road ahead is not smooth. I want things to be right. I want our childer

Bizarre Element of Drama

A storm approaches. The weatherman says, “It will be dangerous this aftrnoon.” That can be said about any day. None of us knows what’s coming around the bend. I’m not a big risk taker. One will not see me bungi-jumping, base diving or flying an ultra-light aircraft anytime soon. That being said, on principle, I should step away from this terminal and go outside and face the “raging tempest.”…

I’m also not big on underestimating Mother Nature. My problem lies in the way in which the sensationalism in the media feeds the paranoia of the masses. I’m from New England and during the winter, one would be hard pressed to find milk and bread on grocery store shelves after a big snowstorm is even whispered about.

Today, I sit typing on a terminal outside the cafeteria in my place of business. I jus

Trying Something

I’ve done somthing I have not accomplished in years. I’ve created new material based on my thoughts, feelings, and my surroundings.Damn! That feels good!
I’ve managed to: step outside of myself, look around, only to jump back inside to type words here.
The results have been mind-blowing for me. Based on your comments, it’s been pretty good for those of you that have chosen to read my work as well. Thank you!
I’ve been thinking that the writer inside me has been on an extended hiatus, That is not a good feeling. Well, now he’s back. Oh man, I just talked about myself as if I were another. As a rule, I don’t like that. I have enough trouble keeping track of me, myself, and I as one being.
I’ve had a lot of fun here. I think I’ve also grown a bit. I’m trying something new. I’ve written somthin…


I’m totally floored by the responses to my last two pieces. Thanks so much to one and all. I need to be a better bubbler and read and view some more of your works.
I’m trying. I promise…My wife, Karyn just asked me to tell you that she says, “Hi.”

It’s very gratiffying to have such talented and artistic folks actually echo back thoughts and encouragement. I’m thankful to have reached out to you. Even more so to have been touched by you.

Thanks to Deliriousgirl, I wrote an ode to SRV

I’m finally home from work. I had to post a note of thanks to “Deliriousgirl”: for pushing me out of my comfort zone, and right off of a cliff. She challenged me to write for a contest in the “Twisted Tales Group”: I wrote a piece entitled, “Tin Pan Alley”: It’s inspired by the SRV song that shares the same the same name.You can hear it “here”: It continues “there”:
I was fortunate enough to see SRV open for Robert Plant in 1988. It was a moment in time that I will never forget. I offer the story in honor of his memory.
Heartfelt tha…

Write More

I just watched a piece on the Sundance channel on The Who. I believe it’s called Amazing Journey. Pete Towshend said somehing about his time in the band that I found truly profound. He said that when he joined he felt he’d found a commission. A reason to write more. That is also now what I must do. WRITE MORE

Maybe It'll Sink In

Today I seem to be struggling with the fact that some events are just beyond my control. I have done all that I can do. The outcome depends on other forces now.…

On the surface, I appear to be easy going and carefree. On the inside, I want everything to go according to plan. Patience is something that I’m in short supply of..
I want the answers to the questions, now!

Instead I’m forced to wonder and wait to see what’s in store. To pass the time, I sit and I type my thoughts into this box. The box reflects my words back to my eyes. The information is supposed to become easier to organize and understand.

I don’t think I’ve gained the clarity I seek. Maybe it will sink in with time. I have to trust that the events will unfold as they are supposed to. I need to reaact accordingly when they ppr

Unexpected Gifts

Friendship can be a powerful force in one’s life. The benefit of showing someone kindness has amazing, unmeasureable consequences. Lending a hand, without asking for something in return, often yields unexpected gifts.

If everything has a time, a place and a purpose. Then, I believe there are reasons in which certain people come into and out of our lives. We’re all here for each other.
No one is in this life for the sole purpose of improving the self. By influencing those around us, we affect ourselves as well.


I thought I’d pass on a joke I was just told:

A man was walking by Bellview Mental Hospital, when he overheard a group of patients continuously chanting in the yard: “Thirteen…Thirteen…Thirteen…”
The man’s curiosity was aroused. However, the fence around the grounds was quite high. Unable to see over the fence, the man found a hole to peek through.

Just as he did so, he was poked in the eye with a stick. As the man recoiled in shock and pain, He heard the patients chant: “Fourteen…Fourteen…Fourteen…”

Physically Impossible to Walk With Your Head In Your Behind!

Thanks to all who read and or commented on my last journal entry.
I don’t normally like to preach from atop a soapbox (it’s difficult to climb on and off when you walk with crutches, trust me). Nonetheless, I needed to write it. I’m not someone who deals well with change. The anxiety that accompanies the unknown, is sometimes enough to stop me in my tracks. In this case, however, the steps that my family members and I have taken are positive. The pros outweigh cons. Therefore, to me, it feels right.…

It feels much better than trying to walk around with my head burried in my behind (I’ve discovered it’s physically impossible to ambulate with one’s head stuck “where the sun don’t shine”). Not to mention, I think my voice is much louder and clearer; I like to keep my head between my shoulders

I learned that the revolution will not be televised from my television

I watched a documentary last night about “peak oil.” For those who may not be aware of that this idea is all about, it’s a theory that we’ve reached a “point of n o return” with regard to oil consumption. It’s a scary thing to think about. In a recent discussion with an oil burner repairman, we learned he uses a pellet stove to heat his home.…

If we continue on our present course, the picture that’s being painted looks pretty bleak. That being said, I’ m not one to just roll over and surrender. My family and I have started making some changes. We use our clothes dryer a lot less these days. My wife hung clotheslines. I know you’re probably rolling your eyes… We also have begun growing food in a backyard garden. Who needs a pretty lawn? Thanks to the repair guy, we will soon own a pellet st

Exposing Ourselves

I can’t help but feel strangely about the simple law of physics which states: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Here on, writers, photographers and artists put their works on display for all the world to see for many, varried reasons.…

I can’t even begin to wrap my little mind around the massive cyclone of emotion that fuels this place. The crucible of creative juices that redbubble represents for us, is amazing. I know that each one of us calls upon these forces in unique ways.

When dealing with personal subject matter or ideals that we support and defend adamanly, there seem to be rules of engagement. Those who comment mostly to offer encouragement, are not always perceived that way.

This is something I have been recently reminded of. After all we ar

Looking for advice

My tenth wedding anniversary is tomorrow. I want to do something nice for my wife and I don’t have a lot of extra cash. So, I’ve decided to write something, A poem perhaps. Redbubble has been a good place for me to work on my chops.

So enough screwin’ around. I need to hammer something out.
Please, friends, comment on my next piece of writing posted after this journal entry…

The Center of Life

In the past, I often thought of myself as a spontaneous person.
I loved to do things at the spur of the moment. I still do.
Nonetheless, in recent times, I’ve become someone who does not do well with change.…

The “if” in the center of l*if*e, triggers too many questions. My mind becomes preoccupied by the many and varried possibilities. To some this concept is exciting. To others, it proves horrifying. For me, I’m somwhere in between. I like a challenge. But, there are times that I allow myself time to be frozen by fear and indecision.

Lately, I have been using writing as my road map out of the maze and confusion. It has not been an absolute diversion. Although, it has been a way for me to express. I think this is vital to preserving my personal sanity.

It has also ben very gratifying to ha

Don't Misunderstand

I’m trying to celebrate the greatness I see in others. I
can’t offer much. Just a tip of my cap.
Too much time is spent tearing others down.
What does that accomplish?
If one focuses on being too critical.
It is easy to loose sight of the true point.
If energy being put forth to make a positive difference
in this world, this is what should count.
Please, do not misunderstand me.
Criticism is a useful tool. It can sharpen a person’s skills.
It should not be used to cut one off at the knees.

Stuck @ Work

Most of the stuff I’ve been reading today has hammered home a common theme: i.e. this piece from Lina or Rachael Hope’s
These are very emotive, sensual and seductive pieces.
At this time the words are driving me mad. My mind is filled with imagery deemed inappropriate for the workplace and I’m stuck at work!
Thanks ladies for this great escape. I just hope I can keep the car on the road on the way home… My glasses have fogged and my face is flush.

Wound Up

Why do I get so damn wound up?
I miss out on valuable time.
I could be spending doing other things.

Time is so valuable because
It can’t be saved.

No matter what means are used to harness it for ourselves, is still
slips away.

I don’t want to live in a world of deadline, debt and hassle.

I wish to find my pieces, oh I mean, peace of mind:

My adrenaline starts pumping.
My body begins to virbrate

Somehow, I’ve managed to contain the explosions.
This is why I share my feelings with you.

Less tends to fall through

Some time has passed since I’ve added anything to my journal. The last entry, was a bit of a downer. My hope is, that with changes in attitude, perspective, and an overall new strategy. I can get over the obstacles that have presented themselves.

I, for one, have to allow myself to relax more. I have been very committed to my job. To a point that I think other aspects of my life have taken a back burner. I’ve discovered that by forcing myself to write more I can take stock in what is actually happening. Less tends to fall through the cracks. I also want to take more time to express gratitude for the things I have. Also, I have to let myself be proud of what I’ve achieved. Thanks to all who continue to read my work.

Warrior um no...

During my time off from work, this week, I did exactly what I didn’t want to do.
I sat and worried about the consequences of a talk I had with my boss. He informed me that overtime was going to be drastically reduced. Instead of taking this time to enjoy my family, I obsessed about not being able to pay my bills.…

I have a good job and I make a decent wage. I think that we all live well within our means. However, I have become a professional worrier. I’m constantly waiting for financial disaster to strike.

I need to find a way to relax. I’ve been using redbubble as my method of distraction. As a result, I’ve written more in the last month than I have in years. I don’t feel like I’ve conqured my demons, yet. I may even seek professional help.

I do not want my fear and doubt to put my ten yea

It Is IMPORTANT That You Do It

I have a message I’d like to share. For those who are at the end of their rope.
Those who have reached it in the literal sense, tie a knot. Those who have reached in a figurative sense, keep on swingin’. To those who’ve reached in an artistic sense.
I have something to pass along.…

I can’t take credit for this on my own. These words of wisdom come from a friend named, Sam Cucchiarra. He was a substitute teacher and full time philosopher when I knew him.

Sam would often tell me, when we discussed writing, "The feeling that it has all been done is a common one. However, whatever ideas you have are important. Whatever you feel must be done, it is important that you do it!

Once you throw the pebble in the pond, there is an action and a reaction. There’s no telling what effect the ripples will ha

max is famous

Last night, I had a friend stop by. I haven’t seen him in roughly twelve years. He and I lived in the same residence hall in college. He is a phenominal guitarist. I spent many hours listening to him work on and re-work songs for an album called, Saltwater Color . His music has the power to evoke images and move the soul. We lost touch, shortly after he left school.…

He’s one of those guys I always wondered about where he ended up. The last time we crosssed paths,I went to see him in ‘95 during the recording of his second disc _Places I’ve Gone & the People I’ve Been_. I recently rediscovered him on Google. Does that make me a stalker?

I took a shot in the dark & sent him an e-mail. As luck would have it, I found him. That e-mail led to a few more and then a couple phone calls. Then, out

You guys really know how to motivate

I’ve been away from the bubble for a day or so.
Spending some time with the wife and kids.
Visiting reality.
Checking in.

I hope to balst some more poems out soon. It looks like I have some more reading to do though. You guys really know how to motivate

A Bloody Paw

It’s Sunday afternoon. I just heard a story about a dog named, Sugar. She lives on my street. Most of the neighborhood knows her as quite friendly. She was just found with a bloody paw that showed tread marks.…

The wounded dog was returned home; her owners did not even seem concerned. They just gathered her by the collar, pulled her in the house and said, “She’s fine!” All the while slamming the door.

Is this any way to react in this situation?
This does not sit well with me.

It is a small example of how people have become detached. Not even so much as a “thank you” for bringing the pooch home.

Neighbors are supposed to look out for each other. From day-to-day nobody knows what’s going to happen. Usually, when I write, I like to celebrate the good in my fellow man. When I hear episodes like

Props to My Peeps

I should be in bed. Nonetheless, I felt drawn to boot up and check in on the bubble.
I wish to thank those who looked in on my latest additions to my portfolio today. I’m glad to make some of you smile.…

I also want to say that there are some people on my watchlist that are really making me sit back and take notice. Man, you people are amazing:

Jen B., keep telling it like it is, rb addict you are gonna blow hot topic off the map. Lianne, your work has an incredible amount of soul. Joe Pizza and Oscar thanks for throwing your two cents into my wishing well. Nancy Fischer & Al & Patricia You have changed the way I see photos. Deliriousgirl thanks for taking notice. Your work makes me feel like I’m reading things I shouldn’t. Like looking up dirty words in the dictionary. I’m hooked. That’s

Trust Me...

I’m glad that after all this time has passed I can still make you laugh.Years ago, did you know, it would be like this?Two kids, a house, and bills to pay. It’s not so easy to run away and join the circus.

On that night many Septembers ago when “Stone Free” escaped from your stereo speakers, I surrendered when you said, “Trust Me.”
My reply was simple:
“We have to do that again.”
Just so you know, I not only trust you.
But, I love you as well.

Going Bananas

Today feels odd.
I can’t tell if it’s from the jellybean hangover.
The Lindt chocolate jones I have going on.
I chased it with a mixture of banana, chocolate, expresso smoothie

A shout-out to Marlo. This smoothie was a far cry from the chocolate banana explosion you laid on us the other night.

I wonder if I am by myself...

Here I am again.
I’m killing time.
I feel all alone.

The loud, white, noise of the fans
pushes the circulating air
through the duct works.

I can barely hear the music
as it slips out of my speaker.

I stare at this screen.
I wonder if I am by myself…

Do I post my words?
Do I let the others see?
Are the others there?
Do they miss me?

I could call out
Listen for an answer
Purely a test for echo
What will come back to me?

Feeeling Lucky

This day was a good one in many ways.Today, I was able to solve some problems. Three cheers for my wife, Karyn. She’s an amazing, strong woman that holds me up when I feel low. Today we found out that her health is stiIl good…I paid off some bills that were hanging over my head for some time now. I also worked through some anxieties that would have sent me to the looney bin a year ago.…

Spring is a time for new beginnings. Do I tempt the fates and celebrate that my luck may be turning? Or, do I lie in wait for the next misfortune?

At this point, I’ll pause. Then, I’ll reflect…

There, that’s better.

I attribute these victories to the psycology of positive thought.
The doomsday prophets haven’t got it right yet. I’m doing my best to
come out of my corner swinging each day.
Where’s the fun in


Red Bubble has affected me strangely.
Creation of new work always feels good.
I feel as though I have a great new outlet here.
Nonetheless, It’s been a very long time since I’ve forced myself
to pay attention writing, again.

Audience is important.

As I sit on the edge of “the bubble,”
I observe from the outsude.

When I’m inside the bubble, I see things that I would have otherwise
never been exposed to.

I’ve seen and read works here that: scare me, enlighten me, push me, pull me, and most importantly, turn me on.

I want to know what I can do to provke thoughts in others.
I want to stimulate discussions

I don’t know what direction to go.
So, for now, I’ll float.

Thanks to those who’ve looked at my work. I look forward to, and I’m encouraged by your responses.

Faceless Voice

I’ve worked in technical support for 12 years. One thing that never ceases to amaze me, is that, people who call in have an ability to forget that they are speaking to another human on the telephone.

Unless the caller hears that their problem is taken care of, they give themselves licence to say or do whatever they can to antagonize the person that is supposed to be working to a soloution.

I must confess, I too, have lost my temper. Nonetheless, the things I have heard during my time on the phones are nothing short of mindblowing. There are those who believe that because I am a faceless voice over the phone, I can take abuse or keep a secret. At times, I’m placed in an awkward spot.


Here I am turning myself inside out and upside down. I’m covering an 8p.m – 6 a.m. shift here at work. Maybe, if things are slow enough, I’ll be able to check RB and stay awake.

I need to do something to stay sane. I forgot to bring my newly borrowed copy of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.

Oh well, I’ll surf RB…

Thanks for the shot in the arm...

Thanks to all who sent me the good vibes yesterday.
The situation I was dealing with corrected itself.
I got worried and worked up for noting. I wrote “Never As Bad.” as an apology
to my wife. I have been hypersensitive about anything related to finances.
I’m doing my best to deal with in in a better way than I have been.

Thanks again

Can't Never Could Do Anything

Sometimes I wonder why I get out of bed. Just when I think that I’m a step ahead. I need to take two steps back and one to the side. It would be all to easy to just give up and let someone else deal with things.

My mom always used to say, “Can’t never could do anything.” Each day has its own trials. Stay and fight? Or, flee and hide? I have no choice. I must stand my ground. I have people who depend on me. In a short time my setback will be a speedbump in the road of my journey.

Universal Language

I’m not a musician. I’m a huge fan of music, though. I feel connected to something larger than myself when I feel a rhythm. I loose myself in a melody. Then I find myself again in harmony. I just had an experience like that here. I shared Teach A Man To Phish on my site because I love the story. I still can’t believe it happened to me.…

It took place in 1997. I submitted it for publication to The Mokingbird Foundation. They accepted it and included it in The Phish Companion 2nd. edition. It is part of a collection that helps children receive music education. The version they printed is distilled to a single page in length. The message is there, but I wanted to give the full work a place where it could be seen. Today, it can be seen. Thanks to Joe Pizza for his warm comments. To know that o

I finally found where to use that line...

Thank you to Janet Benton!
My Creative Writing TA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst invited a friend and poet to speak to us about life as a working artist. At the time, he was working on publishing his collection. I never saw or heard of him again.

But the “thunderstorm” line stuck with me.

Now, I pass it on…

Let's hear it for the collective mind

Now that I’ve put stuff up, I excited to see how alive this place is.
It’s cool to explore works that I may have never seen before. So many angles, perspectives, colors and images. This place illustrates what people can do if they concentrate their efforts.

Echoes and Ripples

On leap day I “leaped onto the bubble”. I wrote Pandora to contribute to the Gaia project. It was not displayed until yesterday. I threw a rock into the pond. Can you hear the echo of the sound? Do you see the ripples? A special thanks to Rachael Hope Nicholson for noticing.

For some time now, I have been consumed by the stresses of day-to-day . I work a lot. I get caught up in the financial side of things. This is not what I’m about. I think about it more that I should. I’ve decided that I need to divert my focus elsewhere.

Therefore, I’ve started writing again. For that, I’m thankful.
I want to make a difference in my situation, my mindset & connect with other souls in the process.

Making Noise

Last night I wrote a poem. “Pandora Closed The Box” is my first post on redbubble. It’s been a long time since I’ve been struck by the lightning of inspiration. I hope the electric charge lasts. I posted it as an offering the the Gaia group. Please take a moment to read it. I welcome your comments. Thanks!

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait