It Is IMPORTANT That You Do It

I have a message I’d like to share. For those who are at the end of their rope.
Those who have reached it in the literal sense, tie a knot. Those who have reached in a figurative sense, keep on swingin’. To those who’ve reached in an artistic sense.
I have something to pass along.

I can’t take credit for this on my own. These words of wisdom come from a friend named, Sam Cucchiarra. He was a substitute teacher and full time philosopher when I knew him.

Sam would often tell me, when we discussed writing, "The feeling that it has all been done is a common one. However, whatever ideas you have are important. Whatever you feel must be done, it is important that you do it!

Once you throw the pebble in the pond, there is an action and a reaction. There’s no telling what effect the ripples will have…

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