A Bloody Paw

It’s Sunday afternoon. I just heard a story about a dog named, Sugar. She lives on my street. Most of the neighborhood knows her as quite friendly. She was just found with a bloody paw that showed tread marks.

The wounded dog was returned home; her owners did not even seem concerned. They just gathered her by the collar, pulled her in the house and said, “She’s fine!” All the while slamming the door.

Is this any way to react in this situation?
This does not sit well with me.

It is a small example of how people have become detached. Not even so much as a “thank you” for bringing the pooch home.

Neighbors are supposed to look out for each other. From day-to-day nobody knows what’s going to happen. Usually, when I write, I like to celebrate the good in my fellow man. When I hear episodes like this, I wonder…

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