Feeeling Lucky

This day was a good one in many ways.Today, I was able to solve some problems. Three cheers for my wife, Karyn. She’s an amazing, strong woman that holds me up when I feel low. Today we found out that her health is stiIl good…I paid off some bills that were hanging over my head for some time now. I also worked through some anxieties that would have sent me to the looney bin a year ago.

Spring is a time for new beginnings. Do I tempt the fates and celebrate that my luck may be turning? Or, do I lie in wait for the next misfortune?

At this point, I’ll pause. Then, I’ll reflect…

There, that’s better.

I attribute these victories to the psycology of positive thought.
The doomsday prophets haven’t got it right yet. I’m doing my best to
come out of my corner swinging each day.
Where’s the fun in rolling over and dying anyway?

Those who dance with the unead, please refrain from comment.

It is here where I’ll take a moment to thank those of you on redbubble for you kindness and wisdom. This place is much cheaper than therapy.

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