I was just going to grab some popcorn

I just had a moment where I figured “I’d better jot this down.”

I just escaped from work for a moment. A co-worker asked me to go pick up some popcorn for a snack. So, I left my workstation and drove to the local gas station convenience store to grab the requested items during my lunchbreak.

It felt great to be out in the sun. If only for a few moments, I was free from the stress. Big changes lie ahead. My department is being disolved and it will morph into three seperate departments. My fate is being decided without my input. I’ve been preoccupied by this notion for months. I can’t do much but catch whatever rumors float by and attempt to squeeze some truth out of them.

As I was leaving the store, I ambled by a gas pump and a black man in a suit whistled, “Que serra serra (Whatever Will Be, Will Be).” A perfect stranger providing a soundtrack for a situation in my life. It may seem little and insignificant. Nonetheless, it makes me wonder about human connection. Why did my ears pick this melody out of the surrounding noise? Is it irony? Is it a message form the cosmic forces that perpetuate the script that I play out on the earthly stage? Whatever it is, my brain attempts to process it. Therefore, I must record it.

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