Living a Dream on a Tightrope

I just saw am amazing documentary about Philippe Petit. I first heard his story when my daughter borrowed a book from the children’s room of our local library. I’d forgotten about the story until my wife found a documentary film about the story behind Petit’s August 1974 tightrope walk between the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York.
I kept saying aloud during the film, “This guy is a nut…absolutely out of his head!”
Reflecting upon his deeds, it forced me to realize, that this man accomplished the impossible. He realized a dream. Petit “danced on top of the world.”
He planned and practiced an act of rebellion. Defying gravity and authority, he lived each day as a “work of art.” Man on Wire is the title of the film that outlines the plot that unfolds much like a bank heist. Interviews with his accomplices and friends make the viewer believe that Petit was not insane. My daughter compares Petit to an innovator in a book entitled So Yesterday. Innovators lack a “fear assessment gene”. This allows them to put aside any feeling that might keep them from achieving a task.
Not only does Petit seem fearless, he appears to overcome unseen odds. Doubt did not defeat him. The law could not deter him. Failure was not in the cards. Petit himself recalls in vivid detail, the events surrounding the astounding acrobatic pursuit of his passion.
I have never been one who lives life on the razor’s edge. Petit showed the world how to bring a dream to life. If there is something you wish to do; it is possible. Fear and doubt can only hold one back from understanding true passion.

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