Not Simple

Why do I punish myself? I seem to worry about a lot of things, needlessly. I must sound like a broken record. Here I am again typing out my thoughts about fear and worry.

Change is not simple. Failure is a possibility. On the other hand, so is victory. I envision a future in which I am in control of my own destiny. A place and tme that appears to be in the future. When in reality, the time is not in the future. The time is now; in this very moment.

The outside forces and voices that echo criticisms that I’ve heard in the past are still there. I am mindfull of them. Fear grows in my stomach. Voices swirl in my brain from time to time. If I’m to reach my goal, I need to stay true to the plan we have set into motion.

The road ahead is not smooth. I want things to be right. I want our childern to have a good life with few worries and little pain. Truthfully, I can’t see what’s coming. I can’t predict the future. I hope that we are doing the best we can to prepare.

One thing we have and hold as an advantage is the ability to communicate. We must keep talking.

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