Wanna know something?

Well, I’m not normally one to be jumping around on the ceiling, overjoyed at the slightest thing, or running to the cupboard for a change of pants when I get featured or make a sale… ok, ok, you got me… I tell a lie! I came prepared with a fresh pair of pants this morning because I couldn’t contain myself anymore and had to let this one out of the bag…

Self Promotion? Phooey! Who needs that when you are asked to participate in an interview for the Daily Wrap!

I was already busting a move with a Feature on the Homepage when Valli Boldini asked me to be her first… first interviewee, I hasten to add!

One round of hokey-cokey round the compound with Mohammed, Ahmed and Faisal later and I was ready to answer some questions! Its a different life for me out here in the desert, so if you want to know a teeny bit more then have a read

All we need now, is for Jo to put on some clothes, switch on her pc and get it up on the community page… she can borrow some of my pants if that helps… hmmm, perhaps not!

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