Apologies for being Crap!

Not even a “whelp” or a “whoopee” for getting a runner up in the Challenge Cafe! Not commented on your work recently… some of you may be wondering if I have fallen off the edge of the world. Well, I say “some” in the sense that “some” means 1 or 2… Anyway, there is a great view over there at the edge, but I managed to refrain from falling!

As a matter of fact, recently I have been closely following the “Battle of the Bands” type contest between Seascapers Mel Brackstone and Stuart Chapman and decided I quite fancied getting in on the action… Grabbing my camera I jumped into my car and headed down to the beach.. the excitement in the air could have been cut with airline cutlery!

Hitting the sand I drove on… Bloody tide must have been out because I drove and drove and still couldn’t find the water! So much for catching the sunrise… In the future I must consider the size of our beaches out here in Saudi!

So, what other excuses can I come up with? Well, it’s been damn cold recently, sending me into a semi state of hibernation. “Cold in Saudi?” I hear you say (there I go again assuming that you care) Well, ok, there are no icebergs in the swimming pool, but we have had temperatures dropping just below zero… and its a dry desert cold that really bites and gets to your bones! We may not have the humidity to see any ice, but for the first time it has been cold enough to kill off all the plant life in our gardens, which is something I’ve never seen before.. trees going from a lush green to black overnight, now all dry and crumbly.. So sad!

Surely there must be another excuse… Oh yeah, that would be trying to fit in some time for actually taking some pictures! I had an interesting shoot this weekend, taking a rest day from racing and instead taking my camera out to actually capture the Riyadh Wheelers 80km Road Race. We were lucky enough to be joined by some junior cyclists from the UK… the 17 year old 2012 Olympic hopeful ran away with the race in a smug fashion and I was lucky enough to capture the action and get some pictures in the local paper. Was amazing to watch how easily this young kid won the race beating ex pro racers as he went… I’m hoping that he would be rubbish at using a DSLR!

So there you go.. apologies again.. I’m currently trying to find a couple extra hours in the day to feed my Redbubble addiction, so I will be getting round to catching up and commenting from now…

All I can say is that the Saudi infrastructure is better than I imagined.. damn good wi-fi set up out here.. always handy to have a laptop with you. Still can’t find that damned sea though… this beach just goes on and on….

“Hello… is there anyone there? Is there anyone still reading this? I think I might be lost……..”

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