A sure fire way to draw a crowd...

If something is going to draw a crowd in Saudi Arabia, then it’s not going to be me alone, but a photo shoot of a heavily pregnant woman on top of the sand dunes with more female flesh on show than has been seen here in.. well, ever… then, that’s going to do it!

Having been asked recently to do some shots by my friends who are expecting their first baby in the next couple of months, I was thrilled to take up the challenge and do my best for them. Wanting to try something a little different and relate the whole experience to their time out here in Saudi, I suggested an outdoor shoot at the red sand dunes, 45 minutes drive out of the city.

I had been out there a couple days earlier, to scout around and find some decent dunes to shoot at, thinking it wouldn’t be the greatest thing to ask a heavily pregnant woman to struggle out into the desert, without checking things out first.. Anyway, the area has become a bit of an escape from the city for expats and locals alike.. lots of camps set up, renting out quad bikes by the hour and the bedouin guys impressing all with their duning skills!

A short walk around and I managed to find some dunes that were quiet, secluded and unspoiled by tyre tracks. Perfect!

I guess I really underestimated the effect of something a little different to the norm, such as a photo shoot would have in Saudi.. throw in the fact that the model is heavily pregnant, wearing a dress to show off all those great curves and bear a lot more flesh than average, then it becomes a different matter all together!

It wasn’t long before the crowds started gathering!

Undetered, we plowed on, model posing elegantly and the sound of my shutter taking over from the sound of the quad bikes, as they pulled up to take a look. I was in my element!

It was only a few years back that we were receiving warnings from the embassies here to stay alert, be vigilant and try not to draw attention to yourself, whilst all around all hell was breaking loose.. Oh, how things have changed, it was a great experience and I’m sure the locals loved the show too!

For my first request at doing a shoot, I was nervous as hell at getting the right shot, but I soon got into it and had a great time.. I’ve been going through the photos today, developing some and sending them off to my friends to see.. and initial feedback is very good! With any luck, I’ll be posting a couple on here some time soon…

Thanks to the proud father to be, Cyrus for taking this shot…

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