Not much really happens in Saudi, so they have to get Tupman on the Radio to keep the masses entertained!

Sorry about the long title!

I’ve just been asked if I can be interviewed on the radio over here to talk about my photography and what I’m doing here on Redbubble!!! Kind of surreal really.. there I am happily taking a few snaps, the next minute, I’m selling prints and guesting on Saudi FM! I’m thinking, 1: the world has gone doolally, 2: nothing else of interest is happening right now in Saudi and 3: I don’t have a radio!

Ok, so perhaps it’s not the best medium to get my photography across and it does help when someone you know works in local radio and spots what you have been up to on Redbubble, but I am incredibly honoured and it will be a great advert for Redbubble!

I just have to keep saying to them.. “Listen, I’m just an amateur making 30pence on the sale of a card or 2!”

Hope I dont get tie-tongued…


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