Back Online!

It was 2 months ago that I joined Redbubble, back in August ’07… it was the very next day that the Saudi Government put a censorship block on the site denying me access to my bubble!

Let me explain… Originally from UK, I am currently living and working out in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and having to put up with all the constraints that comes with it. Alcohol isn’t the only thing that is frowned upon here, it also seems photography sites are viewed warily in the same light. I can only amount it to a fear of an ilicit image of forbiden fruit falling into the wrong hands!

Well, I’m not one to let little setbacks like that stop me… I had tasted the fruit of Redbubble, and I wanted more! With much persistence and emailing to the censorship department insisting on the innocence of this site, I find myself 2 months later finally logging back into my bubble!

This truly is a wonderful site, rammed solid with so much talent, diverse artworks and to top that a fantastic community ready to give comments to make your day and advice on how to capture that perfect shot. I’ve been back on a day now and loving it already… on with the uploads!

Good work Redbubble!

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