Smooches With Camels

Kevin Costner made a picture a few years back; something about a guy named Dances With Wolves…

…I went to the camel market yesterday.

After speaking with the proprietor of this particular market stand and the owner of these rather handsome beasts I can inform you that for a cool 50,000 Saudi Arabian Riyals (roughly translating to just over 9,000 British Pounds at today’s exchange rate) you could pick up one of these big fellas to take home and be the talk of the town. One large male jamal (or camel if you don’t understand Arabic) paid for in cash and delivered by Christmas… guaranteed! Just what you all need to finish off those nativity scenes, I know!

Alternatively, for those of you feeling the pinch at the festive period during this economic break down then you could always pick up a bargain female to kick start your hareem. The fairer sex of the species, a more attractive offer at a take-away price of just 5 – 6,000 SAR (that’s under a grand… and just think of all that camel milk you will be endowed with for the following years).

Well, I was very tempted… obviously, and was about to test out my bartering skills to their limit when I thought perhaps it would be better to sleep on it (not the camel, I hasten to add). Instead I came away with some rather attractive head shots to remind me of what was on offer and to ponder over during the coming days. The smell may stay with you but it’s not long before all those memories start looking the same…

A difficult decision I hear you say…


However, I’ll never forget that first kiss!

here jamal, jamal, jamal…

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