Pay It Forward

For those of you not in the know, a wonderful new group has been set up here in Bubbleland called Pay It Forward … a chance for everyone to nominate and highlight their favourite piece of work on Redbubble.

This morning I woke to find a bubblemail stating that my work They Come And Go had been nominated for inclusion by the wonderful Judith Winde

Here is what Judith had to say about it…

I would like to nominate the photo that made the biggest impact on me, and that is “They Come and Go” by Paul Tupman.. Having been to Stonehenge and experiencing the mysticism of its existence, seeing the enormity of the stones, and marveling at the monumental spirit and drive it took for whoever it was that constructed this wonder, I couldn’t imagine being able to convey the essence of Stonehenge with a photograph, but Paul Tupman proved me wrong. To me, his photo is truly a masterpiece!

Wow! A BIG Thank You Judith… and in the spirit of Pay It Forward this is what I decided to nominate for inclusion into the group…

…my absolute favourite painting here on Redbubble, Mia by Lee Wilde

Quite simply this is a sensational piece of art that you can’t help but fall in love with! I was immediately taken by the simplicity of this image… the unorthodox pose and subtle sex appeal, the stunning range of white through to grey tones, but most of all, that shock of red hair… wow, what a fabulous contrast! The styling and execution of this painting are both masterful… the texturous backdrop and hints of red throughout to compliment the hair all add up to create a wonderful piece of art and leaves you wanting for more. I see the original has been sold… guess I missed out on that one!


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