Am I Missing Something?

…and that isn’t an open invitation to start making witty comments before you start!

Anyway, I’ve been reading a few funny journals recently about things going on in Redbubble land. One in particular was Stuart Chapman’s hilarious take on the new tit bits of general knowledge thrown at us each time we log in. To follow on from this, after logging in today I just have this quick question to pose…

Am I missing something?

I refer to the latest bit of general knowledge from today that I now have stored up in the old grey matter, which follows:

Hi Paul, did you know pandas have never been seen procreating in the wild? Please send footage…


Well, with all the controversy and hoo-hah flying around at the moment relating to what is and what is not considered pornographic material and what is considered appropriate for Redbubble, I was a little surprised at this one…

Again, am I missing something here, or is there some secret group here in Redbubble requesting images of our animal friends performing the unspeakable… under age or not!

Again, I say to you that this isn’t an open invitation for anyone to send me related links or pictures as I would rather not know…

…only, I will leave you with one picture that I did find… one that whoever posed the afore mentioned question might find of some help.

It’s not evidence that would stand up in court and it’s not a picture taken during the event… but looking at this guy, I would say he’s been a lucky boy recently!

Sheeesh… and 2 girls too!

Now, do I mark this as not safe for work place viewing or not?

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