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How to disable all sales?

Hi all,

I’m in the midst of revamping my online presence and was wondering if there was an easy way to disable all sales rather than going through each piece one-by-one and clicking Hide for all the product options?

Thanks in advance, and hope everyone’s well!


The next Donnie & Marie?

Ummm…maybe not. As much as I love my niece and nephew, they remain my most effective form of contraception. Here they are having fun with the new karaoke system I got them for Christmas. Oh, no, please, bro—you don’t have to thank me…

Silent Night? Fat chance, lol…

HUGE thanks!

Sincerest thanks to the anonymous folks who bought postcards of Cauldron (3), Guardian Spirit, and Have You Seen Mommy? over the past month. It’s always wonderful and immensely flattering to learn of a sale, no matter how small the purchase. Just wished I knew who you were so I could extend you a personal message of appreciation. :)…

Holidays are a hectic time and the hospital has been CRAZY busy, and so I’ll be a little later than usual on my replies (though I’ll try to continue posting new photos as I’m able). Thanks again to all of you for your camaraderie, so happy to have discovered this wonderful community 9 months ago. You’ve given me so much support and encouragement over the months that it feels like I’ve been here forever. Except for Lina, who’s floridly drunk with power and

Giving Thanks

I wanted to express my sincere and deep appreciation for the people who deemed my work worthy of splurging their hard-earned money:…

But beyond this, I want to take this opportunity to give thanks to you, my RB friends and beyond, who have so generously bestowed upon me your support, encouragements, knowledge, and inspiration since I joined this community in March. In that short period of time, I can definitively say that I would not be the photographer that I am today were it not for RB. And by RB, I mean YOU reading this, because RB would not be what it is without you. Having never

RedBubble and large prints

Hi all,…

I wanted to let you all know about a concern I have with the quality of RedBubble’s large prints, and perhaps some of you are already aware of this. Put simply, they don’t interpolate our images at all for large prints, and as a result they come out a bit soft. I ran a test with 20×30 prints of my Autumn Whispers, one as originally upload and one with an unsharp mask of 2.8 pixels at 100% (sorry, can’t remember the threshold, but pretty sure it was 5 or under). While the original isn’t bad, the difference between it and the sharpened version is readily noticeable. The unsharp mask settings were based on the calculator found at this site (thanks for enlightening me to all this, Dieter!), using a viewing distance of 1m and a dpi of 180 (no idea what the standard is or what RB us

My Quasi-Presence

Hello, friends!…

Just a quick note that my activity here will be a bit sporadic over the next week or two as I prepare for (and recover from) a professional certification examination, so my replies will likely be belated. I probably also will be faving without commenting as frequently as I’d prefer when I have brief opportunities to feed my RB addiction and quell my withdrawals. Please know that my action of faving something means just that—that I really like a particular piece—and that it’s an expedient way of bringing it to your and others’ attention. I’ve always tried to leave comments when I have the time, and a fave without a comment does not imply in the least that I like a particular work any less. There’s just so much talent out there and so many other things outside of photogr

Tremendous Thanks, Long Overdue

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my immense gratitude to the anonymous buyers of the following pieces:…

  • “Front Row Seats I” 4×6 postcard
  • “Gaurdian Spirit” 12×8 print
  • “Gaurdian Spirit” 4×6 postcard
  • “Oneonta Creek” 4×6 postcard
  • “Inspiration Point, and the Point of Inspiration” 4×6 postcard
  • “Placidity in Blue” 24×16 print (wow!)
  • “Have You Seen Mommy?” 4×6 postcard
  • “Velveteen Green” 8×12 print
  • “Convocation” 4×6 postcard
  • “Oneonta Creek” 4×6 postcard
  • “Fairy Falls” 4×6 postcard
  • “Moon & Mt. Hood” 4×6 postcard
  • “Across the Bull Run Valley to Mt. Hood” 4×6 postcard
  • “Perchance to Dream” 4×6 postcard
  • “Panther Creek I” 4×6 postcard
  • “Ramona Falls Rainbow” 4×6 postcard
  • “Beacon” 4×6

I know at least a couple of those orders were bought with Australian money and have a sneaking suspicion of who

Fascinating Trees!

I’ve been having a wonderful exchange the past several days with friend (at least for my part) and übertalented artist Dieter Tracey when the topic of our beloved and also übertalented resident Baobab lady came up. I’ve always been fascinated by the dendritic and variety of forms trees take and hold them in almost deific regard for their stately presence, endurance, and life-giving properties. This eventually led me to google “baobab” just to see what I could see, and here was one page that I found thoroughly absorbing:…

Fantastic collection of stunning trees

The bonuses at the end make for a fascinating read: the first because the ludicrous nature of the tree’s self-‘ownership’ subtly mocks the convoluted arena of property law, and the second because it’s equal parts comedy, tragedy, a

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