Gone fruity over a feature!!!!!

Ok i really haven’t gone fruity but i am pretty hyped!! Food For Thought has just featured " Fruity for Fruitloops" This is the second feature for this particular piece.
Thank you so much to the moderators of the group and everyone for all your kind comments.

I’m currently nursing a very sore arm.. Managed to twist my arm the wrong way while pushing something and have either severely pulled the tendons and liagiments, or torn something in my elbow.( stupid human trick lmao) Typing with one hand at the moment so i’ll be slow on commenting on all your wonderful work my friends, sorry about that. I’ll do my best to keep up. Might have to make a dreaded doc visit to get it checked. Sigh i guess i won’t be taking shots for a few days.. can’t take shots if i can’t hold the camera…waaaahaaa! sniffle sniffle.
love you all
warm hugs

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