About 2nd International MANGA Award.

Maybe I need to write about September this year…
awww and sorrys, my English is awful xD

September 2, a manga award ceremony in Tokyo, Japan, I received a silver trophy. The award was presented Foreign Minister of Japan Masahiko Komura.
For me, was a great honor to represent Russia at the ceremony and receive a high reward in Japan.

saw many of their friends and brought many new friends.
The ceremony was the site of acquaintance with many legendary personalities world manga: Machiko Satonaka, Monkey Punch, Takao Yaguchi, Go Nagai, Kosei Ono, and so on.
I attended the 9th International Manga Summit (第9回国際マンガサミ), and hope to participate in the next summit to be held in Taiwan.

By the way! I visited Pierrot studio.. You know…. Naruto and Bleach make there!
Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum(宝塚市立手塚治虫記念館)
I was acquainted with famous mangaka in Japan.
Takehiko Inoue [井上雄彦] author of the legendary stories Vagabond [バガボンド]
Oh, I really happy now! And I have poster with Inoe-sensei signature

etto… and I fall in love! hahaha
damn.. I miss you…

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