from the ridiculous to the subprime.

the zig zag mortgage crisis prompts this silly ditty
like some spirochete living the low life
among the miasma of unwonted biota mostly gritty
forcing to turn to a panhandler and squeegee entity
akin to the whip sawed life of one fictional character named walter mitty
ah — such a fate prompts an automatic what a pity
and denying a low cost mortgage to get
for a basic house that ill fate did not let
per prospective american dream slipped thru fingers
on account of ever higher payments that could not be met
ala like some illusion seeker of castle keep
despite honorable criteria organism tried like the dickens to adapt
but do to an series of unfortunate events now caught up in perilous net
with an albatross as heavy debt
weighing upon the body politik like some unwanted pet
reminding owner of obligatory responsibility yet!

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