no matter that i desperately try to clamor and claw
every night my mind foists the following inescapable
nasty nerve wracking hellacious specter
brought on from an over active imagination
which scary scenario does draw
pointing with gnarled finger each mine kempf idiosyncratic flaw
involving an awful ogre in the guise of thy mother-in-law
with a damning, leering, screeching voice
emanating from teeth gnashing maw
engendering a feverish pitch and sweat to saturate this paw
characterizing his sleep feeling painful and raw
with an attendant emotional state and psyche brittle like dried straw.

upon first moving here i suffered blame and shame that does not abate
no matter that this zison matriarch lived in lancaster for years more’n eight
her verbal lashings and whippings and endless brutal despicable fate
where malice like ferocious beasts salivate and filled with loathsome hate
toward her youngest daughters did choose to marry as her mate
and bore two precious darling girls during times she did ovulate
but constant cruel mistreatment spurred lifelike figments
within thy mind, which ceaselessly hound me pate
only whence death of ancient dame or divorce from abby
thence will satisfaction from crisis only in this lifetime cease
(the makings of a stephen king novel our maelstrom)
where antagonistic forces gleefully want to retaliate.

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