Website Ideas...?

Greetings :]

Currently knocking a site together for my personal photography portfolio and cannot decide on a suitable name / domain / title for it. I’m having a similar dilemma that Cadence did – do I use my name (carl osbourn / carl osbourn photography) or an alias (silent boulevard I quite like)

Reason being…

Most people misspell Osbourn and either leave out the ‘u’ or add an ‘e’

And it just doesn’t really, well, look that good. Adding something like ‘photography’ to the end just seems to sort of elongate it.

I quite like ‘silent boulevard’ because it is a bloody good Tom McRae song and when I think about it, I imagine a nice black site design with light opaque fonts etc which is exactly what I want really – is that copyright infringement in any way?

Thanks in anticipation for anyone that bothers to read this :]


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