Twitter :)

Wow! Just noticed over 12,000 view now? Woooooooah!
Anyway, shameless ego feeding aside, here is my twitter address – going to try and start promoting my Redbubble portfolio through there hopefully as I’m too lazy to blog. So feel free to jump aboard my follower wagon! :]

Over 5,000 views!


To say the very least. Just noticed my viewcount. I can’t believe that many people have shown an interest in my work and actually bothered to check it out. This has made my day :)

I like having my day made :)

Thank you everyone :)


Website Ideas...?

Greetings :]…

Currently knocking a site together for my personal photography portfolio and cannot decide on a suitable name / domain / title for it. I’m having a similar dilemma that Cadence did – do I use my name (carl osbourn / carl osbourn photography) or an alias (silent boulevard I quite like)

Reason being…

Most people misspell Osbourn and either leave out the ‘u’ or add an ‘e’

And it just doesn’t really, well, look that good. Adding something like ‘photography’ to the end just seems to sort of elongate it.

I quite like ‘silent boulevard’ because it is a bloody good Tom McRae song and when I think about it, I imagine a nice black site design with light opaque fonts etc which is exactly what I want really – is that copyright infringement in any way?

Thanks in anticipation for anyone th

My first journey into sunrise photography is imminent! :o)

Finally managed to sort out shooting a coastal sunrise this Sunday morning.

We’re heading for a little place in called Hunstanton which is on the North-Norfolk coast in East Anglia, UK.

Have got my ND Grads and a spanking new manfrotto tripod and watch this space for the results next week!

does the happy dance

I <3 my Nikon D80

Its purchase has been the best decision I’ve made in my lifetime, closely followed by the purchase of my Intel iMac 2 years ago :]

Being a bit of a technical / geeky guy by nature has assisted me greatly as I’ve found it relatively easy to get to grips with. Aperture, shutter speed, exposure and all that jazz.
The phrase “learning by doing” has never before made such crystal clear sense before!

I love the way that you can figure out how to adjust settings to suit your subject and the vesatility of the kit is astounding, as is any digital SLR I guess.

Anyway, yep. Thought I’d share =op

Why I like Redbubble...

Because, unlike bloody Flickr, you actually have a chance for people to see your work and become familiar with people. For instance, I have received many comments on my photography on here, whereas on Flickr, I have very few and am lucky if I get any views!

There are also some great people on here who have inspired my a lot, so thanks :)

closeup portrait / makeup photography - help!

Any artistes on here who dabble in closeup portrait photography, particularly of makeup? My g/f is a makeup artist and I’m a ‘photographer’ (i love saying that) and was wondering what is the best kit to create good closeup facial shots that look good. By kit I mean lenses, flasguns, filters if required etc etc?

Also, can anyone point me in the direction of photoshop tutorials that allow adjustments to highlight people’s faces / eyes / makeup? There’s so many on the interweb to choose from so was wondering if anyone has come across any good ’uns!

That is all :)

wedding photography? *shudders*

I went from ‘casual, few shots please’ photographer to ‘full-on wedding photographer’ in the space of 3 hours a few weekends ago. Talk about pressure! I hardly had a clue because I’d never done anything like it before. I’d only had my D80 a few months are hardly felt competent enough shooting a bloody wedding!

Alas, there came the day and, 509 shots later, I was in business. My first wedding assignment was a roaring success and everyone loved it. My partner and I are thinking of starting a business – she does the makeup (as she’s a makeup artist and did the bride’s make up!) and I’ll do the photography!

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