Diane Arndt

Caldwell, Idaho, United States

Hello my name is Diane 70 years young. I got a late start with photography when I was 58. My muse is an amazing young woman named Sunali...

The Addiction Series

I certainly hope that I haven’t stepped on any toes with this short series of pictures in a drug house that I stumbled upon while on a shoot.. I felt a strong necessity to take pictures of a few of the things that I saw in order to share. (if you want to view…“The Addiction Series”)
A reminder that all is not beautiful in this world, and that there is such a deep depression and oppression that has descended upon us all, not just the active addicts. There are parent’s out there that have lost their sons and daughters, grand parents that have lost their grand children, brothers/sisters. Husbands/wives. Siblings/siblings…There are children growing up in grandparents homes, in half way houses, and God Forbid, on the streets and in whore houses, believing that their pimp really gives a darn.
Please remember that this is all over the world, and yes in little ol’ Idaho. And there are more addictions than just drugs out there….
Please remember the lost when you go to bed tonight.
I am a person that this has hit to close to home with, and with to many people that I love…and I also feel lost because of it….
Thank you for the read, Di
P.S…I have been sober from alcohol since 1993, and clean from pharmacutical drugs since Oct. 18, 2006.. .It will always be a daily struggle, and I thank God for never giving up on me…I am living Grace greatfully <///><

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