Oink, Oink

Oink, Oink

How with any conscience can we
Approve a Bail Out, Sloped with PORK?
Insult to injury to the American Voter.
Is this why they waited till the Holy Days passed?

Why have elected Representatives at all?
Just give trillions away to any appointed individual
denounce all your responsibility. Are we stupid!
(get a bowl and wash your hands).

Privatize Social Security into the stock market
while your at it (why not, another administration idea).

Congress is the REAL government by, for, and of
the people, for once I ask them to act as leaders and
support the American people, NOT PORK.

If they don’t oppose they destroyed America.
History will never forget them.

Are they going to create the USA of Fascism?

(Registered Voter & 7yr Viet Nam Vet).

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