Why have elected Representatives at all?

Hold ON !

Why have elected Representatives at all?

Just give trillions away to any appointed individual
or oligarchy and denounce all your responsibility
(get a bowl and wash your hands).

Lack of oversight caused this and you want to repeat it by
giving a non-elected official a Cart Blanch on a plan even they
agree will not work at all.

The Russians, Chinese, Iranians, and even the Koreans
are thumbing their noses at us. Why, because we have
followed this administration. Now foreign leaders are
dictating to us what to do, have you no pride.

They have called you in the congress “Children” (where are
the adults) I say, you are the only body that has acted
responsibly and in the interest of you constituents,
who elected you and who oppose this. Quit reacting to fear.

In one week you have come up with great alternatives,
not a rush to judgment. Get the facts before you act,
Congressmen are the REAL government by, for, and of
the people, not the White House, or the Senate, or the
Supreme Court.

Remember last week the economy was ok, now it’s dying.
every single thing this President has said has been a
lie (Iraq, weapons of mass destruction, Guantanamo,
Wire Tapping, etc………………………….even !
Privatization of Social Security into the stock market)
and we have swallowed it.

For once I ask Congressmen to act as leaders and support
the reality of capitalism, and market forces not covering
the bad judgment of corporate greed.

Congress is suppose to be the cool voice of the
“Real People” over the rush and hubris of a few
self-serving rich thieves.

If you don’t oppose this you can tell our children and
grandchildren, that you destroyed American Capitalism and
the Free market, rather than legislate consciously,
and in the honest best interests of the American
(not Foreign) people.

I am a Registered Voter & 7 year/Viet Nam Vet.
Don’t let me know that I fought in Nam so that
we could create the USA of Fascism.

You should listen to America,
History will never forget you.

CC. Railroad Job.

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