King has no clothes

Stop this rush to judgment and someone yell the “King has no clothes”.

I am tired of years of following hurry up polices of George Bush into oblivion.

How many times has this administration yelled “Chicken Little” and we have cracked to their misrepresentations? (Iraq (weapons of mass destruction), Guantanamo, Wire Tapping, etc…)?

Senators are suppose to be the cool voice of the people over the rush and hubris of a few self-serving idiots.

For once I ask them (Senators and Congressmen) to act as leaders and support the reality of capitalism, let the system rise or fail based on the market forces not covering the bad judgment of corporate greed.

Get the facts before you act, Senators and Congressmen are the government by, for, and of the people, not the White House.

Listen to your inner voice and the constituents who elected you.

I am against any proposal to bail out private capital companies with taxpayer money.

The Presidents outlandish spending has impoverished our country, leaders, and children well into the future.

Enough treasure and blood, the world is laughing at us.

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  • H Maria Perry
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