Chicken Little, Democratic Capitalism

I am against any proposal to bail out private capital companies with taxpayer money.

I am tired of years of following hurry up polices of George Bush into oblivion.

The senators are suppose to be the cool voice of the people over the hubris of a few self-serving idiots.

They have allowed the vast majority of the American people fail with out regard and allowed harsher bankruptcy laws for the middle class while continuing to fund the Presidents outlandish spending which has impoverished our country, leaders, and children well into the future.

Will we let these malpractice corporate leaders leave with millions yet we would strip the spoils of any other person (doctors) or private individuals (tort) for similar impunity (crashing a car into private property) why do we want to bail these criminals.

They scream socialism in the face of Universal Health Care for Americans,
yet pass a magic wand of applying socialism (no loan but a gift) to corporate cronies and, oh yes, the offshore corporations.

In the old Feudal System the first priority was to protect the people inside the walls so you could tax them later, not throw your resources over the moat to your adversary’s.

For once I ask them (Senators) to act as leaders and support the reality of capitalism I fought for in Nam, let the system rise or fail based on the market forces not covering the bad judgment of corporate greed.

Stop this rush to judgment and someone yell the “King has no cloths”.

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