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Waving from this side of the madhouse. Take umbrage if you will. Actually, I just wanted to say ‘umbrage’.


Travels with my Pocket Camera - Hangin Out With the Cool Kids

So, once upon a time, I used to collaborate with many many people on RB.…

Time, tiredness and a good dose of Lazy (and the occasional whiskey) have whittled my collaborations down to ‘few and far between’.


I said ‘whittle’.

Therefore in the interests of being more social (and because I know many cool people who will make me cooler by association) I have embarked on a series of collaborations.

This is the first, and it is with the irrepressible, incomparable Donna.

Say hello, here she is:

We decided, as Donna is a fellow photographer, to embark on a little jaunt together while taking pictures of the same subject.

To make it interesting, we also decided to swim as far out of our comfort zone as possible. So to start that off on the right foot, our first chosen subject was her 15 month

Travels with my Pocket camera- Thrift Magic

You’d be amazed at the things you find when you’re in a second hand store. Sometimes it’s shocking, sometimes a bit like winning the lottery (only the thing you’ve won is used and has a least one excessively sticky label on it), but just occasionally, it’s the kind of magic which makes you pause and say to yourself……

‘Um, seriously?’

That is after you’ve stopped laughing.

Below are some of my most memorable moments (alliteration intended) while in search of buried suburban treasure.

(you didn’t think I’d miss out on trying a tiger kaftan on, did you?)

(yes, Herb Alpert is topless on this album cover.)

(I can only imagine how many nightmares these children gave that poor bunny)

(passive aggressive, needlepoint style)

(there’s nothing I can say to this that you won’t already be thinking)


Something Old.

I have a confession to make.
Although I have roundly professed my love of Black and White photography, I need to say that there are times when only colour will do.

I’m speaking of a very particular kind of colour though. One that unashamedly clashes the red of a woman’s perfectly lipsticked smile with the garish sunny yellow of her matching rain hat and coat. A type of colour that paints ruby slippers on a golden road beneath a baby blue sky.


Vintage colour. Hollywood colour.…


Although there has absolutely been a revival of all things nostalgic in the last decade or so, seeing Retrowashing in fierce competition with Greenwashing, there is something about vintage colour which draws a reaction, even from people who have never stayed indoors on a rainy day

You take the Hi-fi and I'll take the Lo-fi.

On a recent trip to New Zealand, I decided to play against type and not attach every camera device possible to my person.…

I had never been to New Zealand before, but the endless picture perfect views that seem to be everywhere (not to mention the 9 hours of Hobbit viewing which Peter Jackson gave the world) meant that BIG, AMAZING, and CINEMATIC had been pretty much covered.

Still, I couldn’t not take pictures, so instead I decided to use my pocket camera (aka my smartphone) and play around with some TTV using an old twin lens reflex I argued in my bad Cantonese for in a HK market.

Oh, and it helped that Michael had the spectacular stuff covered.

As my grandfather used to say, don’t gamble unless you know you’re not going to lose.

It was a scary prospect, but it made me look at the smalle

Seeing the world in Black and White

It might have been obvious the last time I wrote here that the images captured were mostly black and white. And there is a reason for that.…

I love black and white. I love it like I love twinkling lights at Christmas and hot soup on a winters day. I love it because like so many of the truly amazing things in life, it creates memories.

It stamps them indelibly, like black ink on a stark white page.

The first time I can clearly recall seeing an old black and white picture of myself, I remember thinking.

“Hey, I look….better”

Nothing about my face was different, and in my teenaged angst I was still aware of every flaw and feature that I wanted to change/erase/remake-as-a-pouting-rock-star, but somehow, magically it seemed, I looked…. cooler

This magic didn’t just work on faces, but made

Look Up.

I’ve been taking photographs for a long time. I was the bespectacled 13 year old who dropped chemicals onto Bubblegummers in the pitch black laundry/darkroom.…

I was…not cool.

That’s ok, though, because I didn’t need to be. I could make magic pictures happen, so who needs cool, right?

The thing that’s always fascinated me about cameras, all kinds of cameras, is not what they capture, but how they force us to look at our surroundings.

It’s almost like that extra degree of separation means we can learn to see familiar things in a totally different way.

Living near, and working in, a big city is a little bit like navigating a maze every day. And navigating a maze mostly means my vision tends towards what I like to call Survival Through Spatial Awareness.

This means eyes go to Exits/Stairs

Soundtrack of my December

As we near the pinnacle of the silly season with much rushing and bustling and merrying and jingling, I thought I would share with you some of the tunes that have kept me up there with the holly and the ivy this December.

I warn you, some are so cheesy they need their own wine list.

You may not mock, but you’re welcome to sing along. Join me and we’ll share those tidings and other things.

Let’s start with festive

move onto pensive

follow up with some fantastic hair


head towards great lighting and a hat to envy


and finish up with a grand lady


See you in the New Year, it’s been swell.


The Importance Of Being Earnest

I’ve been thinking lately, that as I get older, I don’t actually get smarter.…

Although this has come as somewhat of a surprise, it hasn’t in fact, come as a disappointment. Smarter, is not always a good thing. Sometimes all it means, is that I start to think too much, and forget to feel enough.

So, although it might not be the cleverest thing to do, I’m going to write a little bit about feelings. Mostly, other peoples.

I’ve had the good luck to land myself countless rotten jobs in my life. Places populated by many a breed of horrible creature, where what I believed, and what I felt, weren’t just second on the list of priorities, they didn’t even make the top ten. They didn’t in fact even make the list, but ended up somewhere shoved in a dirty corner by the wastepaper bin and sometimes, d

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