The Show is about to go on...Miss Saigon

HI Redbubblers, watchers, friends….

Just thought I’d give you an update – I’ve been very quiet on the photo front recently but that is because I’m about to open a 3 week season of Miss Saigon from tomorrow onwards. A year of anticipation of the show going on, auditions for a role I’ve wanted to play for years and years, five months of rehearsals and many sleepless nights as I wrap myself around playing the lead role of Chris and all the emotional depth that the characterisation brings.

Our production of Miss Saigon is a totally raw, uncompromising portrayal of the show as it really should be seen. Emotionally its deep. We’ve had people cry and sob throughout the whole show in rehearsals.

The character I play is an American GI who falls in love with a Vietnamese girl only to be separated during the evacuation of Saigon. The story follows the events 3 years following and ends, well, it ain’t a happy one!

If you want to read the synopsis, click here

Anyway, I feel ready to put on the show, ready to give myself totally to the part and if the depth we’ve reached in rehearsals is anything to go by then the shows with full houses will lift the emotion to new heights.

There should be a review to follow Opening Night so I’ll post that here.

Thanks for your continued comments on my work. I’ll post some of the pictures (if copyright allows) of some of the photos I’ve taken during rehearsals but that may take a while, (I have some great shots!) – when I get a chance. In the meantime. See you all on the flip side. Season ends 24th Oct. Then Chris can go to bed and Dean can return enriched by the experience where normal service can resume :o)


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