Top 5 finish in the Speak to Me" Challenge - Waist up Portraiture Group

Well my first entry to a challenge in RB did rather well a 4th place with over 200 entries. So well done to the Old lady selling peaches B&W picture that took at that position. Looking at all the entries made me really happy she did so well – there were some amazing portraits in there so yippeeeee

also on a side note! yes the Sigma 70mm f2.8 macro lens has turned up and I’m attempting to learn how to use the thing – but geez it ain’t easy using one of those lenses. First impressions? Don’t know yet…. seems quite slow to get a focus and can lose it quickly than go in and out to find it again – but once it does find a good lock, it’ll track very nicely and smoothly in and out as you move the camera. Also what’s with the frickin tiny DOF?! :o) my god moving one mm can ruin the focus. So I’m experimenting with the thing and taking a lot of very out of focus, blurry photos as things blow in the wind or I move. Somehow I thought the images would be sharper in the camera at 100% crop. Some of the photo’s I’ve seen on here using that lens are pin sharp.. perhaps it’s the camera? maybe not up to it?!

I will persevere and find something interesting to photograph other than curly shells and end up PP’ing to make it better

thanks for reading everyone – have a good day

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