The Cultural Attache discovers the joy of Kickapoo

The cultural attache to commence his journey has discovered the delights of a different kind of drink – Kickapoo Joy Juice. Requiring instant dehydration after a few minutes in the KL humidity he guzzled it down declaring it to be “a good citrusy thing”. Kickapoo Joy Juice – The health benefits of which are yet to be determined.

Chips vs. Twisties or are they twistie chips….

The Kickapoo Joy juice was the perfect accompaniment to wash down his new little crisp find. The “original chip” made by Twisties. The questioned posed should Twisties be dabbling outside their original domain – Should Twisties be making chips? With the taste test undertaken, the results collated “why not they are not too bad” and might I add that the chicken salt really enhances the experience. (January 26th 2010)

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