Syria’s Dream - Rainforest walking

We had the great fortune to meet the lovely Syria who is an ambassador for nature and her knowledge and understanding of the environment is monumental. Syria guided us on the Mulu canopy skywalk which is the longest tree-based walkway in the world some 480 metres long (built by a team that included our caving guide and Guru Paris). As we walked among the ferns and vines some 20 metres above the forest floor and river Syria provided us with intriguing insights about the rainforest web of life. Syria spoke with such love and passion about the environment she is a true ambassador for nature, she also reminded us of the risk of deforestation which is occurring with rapid haste in Borneo. Syria dreams of a time when we will all treat nature with the respect it deserves and understand that in preserving nature we ensure our own future.

Syria told us of how she had lost her mother suddenly and unexpectedly. Speaking of how distressing this was I was not surprised when she told me that in her stunned grief she sat down and sort comfort with some milo. She told me that recently she had been disturbed by a dream of her father (who is also deceased) complaining to the children that they had not buried their mother in the right coffin. He had a new coffin for their mother and the dream was focused around this theme. Syria was searching for a meaning to the dream; she rang her brothers and asked them but did not find the answers. I did not know the answer either but I did suggest that perhaps it means that the father is looking after the mother now united in the after life – What is in a dream?

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