The Boogie Eating Fish of Mulu

Before you start – A word of caution – This is not the holiday special.

I thought about entitling this entry “The Cultural Attaché develops a new fish food”. On his return from an expedition to the river the Cultural attaché informed me with vividly descriptive detail and some laid back candour that he had flicked a boogie into the river, much to my horror and aghast I was chastising him for such a lack of decorum in this foreign land. He gently reassured me that the fishes were well pleased with the feast, jumping significant heights to attain the delicacy. Since this discovery I have endured one slow boat ride down the river to witness the spectacle first hand as the cultural attaché discreetly but within my eye shot flicks the odd boogie to the waterways to the ever grateful delight of these under weight little fishes.

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