Sweet Bun and Milo

In Malaysia they certainly love their Milo. I was struck by this immediately upon arriving at Kuala Lumpur airport when collecting our luggage a large box containing tins of Milo was circling the conveyor belt.

We were then confronted with further evidence of this love of Milo when walked past the Milo stands dotting the esplanade waterfront of Kuching.

Today, the cultural attaché decided he needed a sweet buns fix (by the way this is a fast food chain not unlike those famous burger chains) and low-and-behold the menu read Milo Kids Meal. The cultural attaché enjoyed his iced Milo with breakfast, iced Milo for lunch and then again at afternoon tea iced Milo – That is what one might call really immersing yourself in the culture.

I have also since discovered that the fast food chain is called sugar bun.

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