Cultural attache - King of Kabuki and friend of the warrior

Having sashimied and sushied his way around Shikoku, the cultural attache completes the circuit of Shikoku following a whirlwind tour that concluded with quick trip to Uchiko and Ozu and a lovely soak in the Dogo Onsen.

Although the 88 temple circuit was not completed, the cultural attache continued on his journey of enlightenment discovering the joy in a little bottle of aloe vera juice (Brand name – pocket juicer stand) – he is totally addicted to the fresh fluid that contains whole chunks of aloe plant – now a daily ritual.

The 1000ml can of beer when it can be located is often on the menu.

Plenty of Pocari sweat to replenish the electrolytes after a long day in the heat and the odd drop of Calpis for vitamin supplement.

The circuit complete we now find ourselves back on Western Honshu having been to Kurashiki and the Bikan Historical Quarter today – seeing a traditional Japanese wedding and the delightful Japan Rural Toy Museum.

The day was concluded with a visit to the Koraku-en Garden in Okayama – considered to be one of Japan’s “famous three” gardens – a delightful expanse of grasses, lakes and elegant bridges with the backdrop of the castle.

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