Zen and the art of Soy Sauce Icecream (Kothira- san)

Today we headed off to Mount Kompira-san and its Kotohira-gu Shrine 745 steps to reach the top and it was a magnificent sight to behold. Despite the challenge of the long climb, the heat and humidity was difficult, there were abundant sights to see along the way – very Zen

The shrine has been the spiritual guardian of seafarers and fisherman for centuries and is believed to bestow good luck on them if you pray to the spirit.

The omamori (good luck charms) ema boards (featured in the photos) are seen throughout the shrines of Japan – each temple has very specific wooden boards with various designs (in this case several designs were available including a sea vessel – the prayer or wish is then written on the board and it is hung with all the other boards.

The Shinto is Japan’s oldest religion and very fascinating intriguing philosophy.

Stay tuned for more omamori and Torii entrances.

On the way down our cultural attache had a go at the local delicacy soy sauce ice cream (soft serve style) – It was quite refreshing not too sweet and just a touch of salt – photo to be posted

T shirt for the day – Life in the fast lane – It’s a Nun’s life (worn by a punky/funky kind of girl)

We are now in Tokushima in Shikoku Island.

Big day for the CATS tomorrow – Go Geelong Football Club – we will tuning in on Shikoku – No kitty Jitters this year please.

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