Kothira- san and Soy Sauce Icecream

Pilgrimage destination of Mount Kompira-san and its Kotohira-gu Shrine. There is an inner shrine accessible via 1,368 stone steps. The protector god of sailors is here.

The Kotohira-gu Shrine is located halfway up Mt. Zozu-san with the altitude of 521 meters in the western Kagawa. It is called Kompira-san and enshrines the protector deity for seafarers, he also protects people for health and against evils and has been worshiped for many centuries.

In the Muromachi Period in the 14th century, pilgrimage to Kompira became very fashionable and the flow of worshipers from all over Japan never ceases even today.

The approach way has 785 stone steps to the Main Sanctuary halfway up Mt. Zozu-san, and 1,368 stone steps to the Inner Shrine. When you stand in front of the Main Sanctuary, you are rewarded with a bird’s eye view of the Sanuki Plain. It is a beautiful sight to behold and quite a reward for the effort. The trip up is although challenging very beautiful as there are many amazing sights to take in.

There are, in the precincts, Main Sanctuary, Asahi-no-yashiro Shrine, Omote-shoin (formal drawing room), Oku-shoin(inner drawing room) and other historical sites as well as the Treasure house that accommodates an 11-faced Kannon image and other treasures, and an academic reference library that displays numerous donated arts and crafts.

In the areas surrounding the approach way, there remain many historic sites, such as the tall lantern that used to be the landmark of Kompira pilgrimage and the Sayahashi Bridge with rare structure of having no pier. It is an awesome temple and shrine and well worth the effort.

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