Check out the form of Australia's cultural attache - Ninja Gleg

The cultural attache has out done Sir Les Patterson this time.

After the long journey from Ise penninsula to Shikoku we were relaxing in a cruisy little Japanese restaurant and Ninja Gleg noticed that some people appeared to be leaving their side orders of snow peas uneaten. He announced that he was going to check them out once the other patrons left (as we were the only ones remaining) – I thought he was kidding but as I took a mouthful of noodles he turned, as discretely as he possibly could and pinched a pea casing from the next tables left overs, whacked in his gob, pulled a face and spat it out. I all but choked on my noodles and suggested that perhaps they had already been tried and that the aim was to strip the pod of the pea – hence why there were whole bowls of them left behind and nothing else – All class Ninja Gleg

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