artist statement

I began my journey as a digital artist in 1999. I had two pieces accepted for the garden of the golf exhibition at the Confederation center art gallery, in Charlottetown PE.
The following three years while I continued to work with digital camera images and scanned images with Photoshop and illustrator; I also curated group art shows on the theme of healing with art, at the gallery in the Guild and the Confederation Centre.
I started working with video around 2005 and over the next while made documentaries on social and environmental issues; and experimental art films.
I Started working on the iPad in 2010; spent the first two years creating Mandalas, and then ‘green’ digital paintings: with iPastels and artRage.
I joined a group on Facebook called 52 times where we create a piece of artwork once a week.
I work on flowers, plants, cats, and during the winter, the view through the window.

Journal Comments