Cherry Virgin

I remember the first time I went to the Black Cherry. I was swinging by to pick up an eighth of magic mushrooms. Man, it was almost a year ago now. I was with Collin, literally and emotionally. Yeah, me and that kid go way back. It’s a off and on sort of thing though. Don’t ever let a boy steal your happy emotions away from you. Kayne sent me to 1420 Cherry street. I parked in a Mcdonalds parking lot, and spotted Kayne and the gypsies on an old warehouse roof, probably smoking pot or city watching. I walked up to the cherry, and their was all this bread on shelves outside the door, with signs saying free. I thought it might have been a soup kitchen or something. It wasn’t. I knocked on the huge rusted blue door, and a dreadheaded rasta man answered. Kayne with his pine green hoodie, with the grateful dead skull in the middle, his head full of DMT dreams. His black trip pants and big black boots, with a hemp mushrooms hanging off his neck. His perfectly squared glasses hiding his huge blue acid eyes. He was standing next to a beautiful trip girl. Long wavy dirty blonde hair, with the same glasses, and a tan and black Led Zeppelin shirt hugging her small frame. She immediately held out her hand, with a huge grin spreading across her whole face and she said..
“Hi, I’m Catlin. Nice to meet you”
My face burnt for a second, and I returned the hand shake,
and repeated back..
“Hi, I’m Miranda. Nice to meet you too.
Kayne then took my attention,
Hey, what is this place anyway?
Kayne grinned at me
“It’s a mad house”
I wasn’t exactly sure what he meant by that. But when I looked around, I didn’t doubt him. The place was beautiful. Art, protester posters, anarchy posters hung from every inch of every wall. A book shelf five times the size of me, held a book for what must have been every anarchy book ever made. The room was enormous, and a hazelnut hardwood floors covered the ground, with chairs and couches, rugs, and tables.
He then asked in that voice,
that raspy calming voice. A voice you would think could lead a group of rioters, or settle down a drunk guy from getting in a fight.
“So what’d you want, an eighth?
“Yeah do you have change for a fifty” I returned
Catlin interrupted and yelped out
“You’ll love them, I just did some last night?”
All I manged to spit out was
“Really? Awesome.”
He began checking his over-sized pockets, and lightly patting himself down, and gave me a disappointing look,
“No, I’m sorry I don’t, wanna make a quick run to the gas station”
I shook my head in agreement. I always felt nervous talking to him, even though I’ve been around him on more than one occasion.
We walked in unison to the gas station. I kept looking at Collin. I always seem to have my eye on him.
He told me about his 21st birthday. He told me Sierra gave him a dragon ring for his birthday. That’s the same ring she gave me for my birthday. He lost it of course. It was one of my prized possessions.
One of my first acid trips, was with a girl named Emily Hucke. And until this day I believed she changed a lot of things in my life, and helped me become who I am. I miss her, but I think we entered and exited each others lives making an impact on one and another.
Well that acid trip, that’s when I saw the clouds for the very first time. I saw how they formed and how they deformed, all in super sonic speed. I saw the true meaning of watching the clouds and seeing different things in them. That’s the first time, I saw dragons in the clouds. It was a sliver ring with a black dragon nestled around it.
Kayne returned me a twenty dollar bill, smoked his cigarette, and straggled away, receiving the attention of anyone nearby. He’s a living “FUCK YOU” to the status quo, and I love it. As for me and Collin, we walked back to my old rusty Ford Dodge, with the smiles creeping apon our faces with the knowledge that were about to take a little vacation from reality, and see life how it really is.

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