Virginity Lost!

I made had my first sale……… and am no longer a RB virgin!

I started posting some of what I thought were my best shots here on RB and I soon realised that ocassionally some of you quite liked them too. It may be that some wanted to encourage me, it may be that one or two were after some reciprical praising (sorry!). Nonetheless, It feels great when you read that someone has not only looked at your image but taken the time to comment on it too. If I am honest, it gives me a little warm glow inside to know that someone has taken that time and effort. We are all human and all want, if not need, a little praise or encouragement from time to time to know what we are doing is appreciated or enjoyed by someone else. I never really imagined I would actually sell anything but I bought a small batch of my own cards just to check out the quality. I was amazed. The quality is fantastic and I urge anyone, if you haven’t already, go on – boost you’r own ego a little and order half a dozen of your own cards to see how they look. You’re family and friends will be very impressed too!

Anyway, when I logged on to see that someone I have never met before (THANK YOU, whoever you are!) had actually paid up real money for one of my pictures ("Lapland Reindeer”) I was over the moon! It made me smile all day! It was only one card… I only get 21p from that sale myself so I won’t be handing in my notice yet, but that’s not the point is it? If you have already made a sale I don’t need to say any more. If you haven’t, hang in there…. They say you never forget your first time…..!


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