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Blackpool, United Kingdom

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want to share my joy!

wanted to share something that has made me so happy this week!
A best friend i was with at school had to move for personal family reasons when i was 16 – im 31 now, i missed her like crazy but couldnt get in touch as i didnt know where she had moved to (because of the family problems). As the years went by i often thought of her and wondered where she was but gave up hope of ever seeing her again.
well this week we found each other on myspace!! how brilliant after 17 years apart we finally are in touch again. We have spoke every day and i cant wait to go and visit her, we have a lot of catching up to do.
I found out she had tried to get in touch with me too over the years but as i have moved a lot she didnt know where i was either.
A happy ending and lots of exciting future to look forward too.

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